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valkyriefreedom 70,960 views Crossbow Platforms by Gregg Blandin. It allows the ease of use of a dob, along with the tracking that is so useful at high powers. 1. Please note that only the best platforms allow reasonably long exposure times. I'm not changing microstep modes when slewing so I want all the speed the controller can do. It’s a miser with electrical power, providing fifteen or more hours of tracking with just 2 AAA batteries. This kind of focusing is very popular and easy to produce and use. The company’s new Crossbow equatorial platforms track for over 60 minutes before needing to be reset and run on 2 AAA batteries for 15+ hours of tracking. TS-Optics EQ Platform - for automatic tracking of your Dobsonian telescope Το planitario. The XT8 reflector optical tube weighs 20. The Star Adventurer multi-purpose mount weighs in at just 2. To remedy this, you'll need an equatorial platform, which will move the dob in sync with the sky. The mirror cells are made of wood. gr χρησιμοποιεί cookies για να σας παρέχει την καλύτερη εμπειρία πλοήγησης. Dobsonians combine medium to large aperture Newtonian Reflector optics with a simple lazy Susan style altazimuth mount that sits directly on the ground. Designed to be light weight, small in size and easy to use, the new EQT-150 Super-Compact is a stable mount for Dobsonian telescopes with base diameters of up to 26” and 150 pound weight. With a simple push of a button the platform moves back to the starting position. There are 3 adjustable legs on the skystopper. Tracking for your Dobsonian mounted telescope Placing your Dobsonian telescope on an equatorial tracking platform gives a system which will track celestial objects across the sky, maintaining them in the eyepiece field for 10s of minutes, even at high powers. You’ll also get two fully multi-coated eyepieces: a 2” 30mm eyepiece for wide field views Manufacturer of large aperture portable deep sky telescopes. 5lbs, but this versatile tracking mount uses precision all-metal gears and handles payloads up to 11lbs . Any long-exposure photo would be smeared. While both provide the same function, the ability to have a counterweight to help keep tracking accurate under heavier loads was a big factor. The telescope optical tube is a Newtonian design that is 8 inches in diameter and 44. The Dobsonian platform can track The Eartha EQ platform can be set for latitudes between 30 ° and 60 °. To assemble the rear end ring (with mirror and mirror cell now connected) to the tube, position the lower section of the tube up vertically so that the raw edge of the tube is up. 00 Dobsonian telescope mounts move in altitude and azimuth on friction bearings. 7 lbs. Go-Tos generally use friction drives on the altitude and azimuth axes, which can be engaged or disengaged to change between ‘go-to’ and ‘push-to’. com. The legs consist of three wooden triangles bolted to the post. Here you see the main mechanics and motor of the equatorial platform. Ed's design and the VNS you mention are easier in that the platform top naturally sits on the 5 support bearings. Each platform is custom built with using only the best parts and materials for a high quality long lasting dobsonian telescope tracking platform. Dobsonian Telescope Equatorial Platform Tracker - The webring is dedicated to the display of Dobsonian Telescope Equatorial Platforms. Or at least it doesn’t unless you put it on an equatorial platform. You make some sacrifices in that you won't have the ability to auto track, or auto find objects and the simple newtonian set up is just a basic set up -but works well. Dob-Driver will track them on-target every time. View more planet details with high powers with out having to adjust the telescope so often. The equatiorial platform provides continuous tracking for 50 or 60 minutes. suitable for high-power viewing and short-exposure prime focus astrophotography. "At The Eyepiece" Observing Guides by Alvin Huey. The white square (marked "PC Link") is where a cable from a personal computer can be connected, so that the astronomy software on the PC can be used to control the scope. Just place the platform facing north, put your Dobsonian on it, switch on the tracking motor and enjoy observing without the need of "rocking" you USD RON So, if it works as designed, after one hour of tracking it needs to be stopped and reset to the opposite end of the travel and started again. Answers. General Informations about Geoptik Quilt Bags The bags are of a high quality for a long life-span. The telescope s its inside the telescope box (light blue), which rests on top of the 3 sided box. " Equatorial Drive Platforms. Dobsonian telescopes offer big thin mirrors with stable, inexpensive altazimuth mounts. Review Tracking Dobsonian Platform Telescope . Comes with set up and mounting information and a heavy duty 9 volt battery. The platform bearings are sections of this cone. For instance, inserting a telescope into a Geoptik carry case is easier than in many competing designs. Finally, I cut off the arc with a table saw set at 45 degrees and attached it to my platform with screws and glue. If your budget is around $500, a 6'' Newtonian is easy. I'm looking to sell my small, computerized telescope so that I can buy a large 10" (and rather manual) Dobsonian. Star Adventurer Mini is a high precision, portable and stable tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. Tracking time up to approximately 1 hour. Geoptik padded cases protect the telescope from moisture and light rain. Joel Carmona gives step by satep directions for building an equatorial platform for his Dobsonian telescope. I'm a proud owner of an Orion Skyquest XT10, and while the dobsonian mount is extremely convenient for quick trips where I don't want to spend much time setting up or tearing down, I'd like to be able to track objects with hopes of experimenting with astrophotography. Serving Amateur Astronomy since the 1960s! These platforms are also great as portable tracking mounts for visual observation, eclipse chasing, astrophotography while traveling or backpacking, or for grab-and-go astronomy while at home. You can make a platform with only one bearing and a pivot but a 2 bearing platform is more compact. 25 inch Rack-and-pinion focuser, EZ Finder II aiming device, 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1. Astronomy and Nature TV 107,925 views If the remaining piece of cylinder continues to move as before, then anything sitting on that flat platform — say a Dobsonian telescope — will also track the stars. For brighter solar system objects, a Dobson mounted Newtonian will work with short exposures. , was formed in 2002, and is the banner under which we have custom-built over 200 Dobsonian Telescopes. 25 - 2 T-Ring camera adapters also available. The scope pivots vertically from horizon to zenith on these altitude bearings, one of which is shown in Figure 3-30 . These parts are kept separate during shipping to prevent scratching and damage. Orion Optics 8 inch Planetary Dobsonian Review. The big differences in these mounts are in whether they track the sky automatically, how they move, and how they align. Whatever you need, from cheap telescopes to high end telescopes and best dobsonian telescopes to best refractor telescopes, you want the best telescope. A Dobsonian mount is mounted on the ground by a heavy platform. 5 is an aerospace grade aluminum Milburn wedge. How does the Dobsonian telescope mount to the platform? The platform is meant to replace the “ground board” of the telescope which is the lowest section (base) of the telescope. Pioneered by John Dobson in the 1960s, the instrument combines a Newtonian reflector telescope with a unique two-axis movable base. Resetting the platform takes about 5 seconds and the process consists of lifting the right side of the platform to rotate it back to the start position. The Eartha EQ platform can be set for latitudes between 30 ° and 60 °. Simply screw the magnetic plate onto your scope, then slide the 1. Since the commercial models that I was familiar with were all in the thousand dollar range, I resigned myselt to the fact that, unless I hit the lottery, I'd never get one. It tracks extremely well and gives me the best of both worlds: the ease of use of a Dob with the bonus of accurate equatorial tracking. Geoptik Nadirus 12 Truss Dobsonian Telescope - 12-inch Aperture f/5. Dobsonian mounts are very inexpensive and easy to build. " Teeter's Telescopes, LLC. Tracking time is one hour, and set-up is really simple. Star tracking is generally not available on dobsonian telecopes unless the telescope is placed on a so called equatorial platform. Grab the scope anytime to move around and explore a new area – there are no clutches to disengage. A Dob is way too long and large for this option, but there is a solution. An EQ platform basically is a low rotating table carrying a telescope. Get the best deal for Celestron 76mm Reflector Telescopes from the largest online selection at eBay. There are two double altitude bearings , one on each side of the telescope tube or mirror box. You have to push the dob to keep up with the sky. The Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer is a user-friendly and multi-function mount to satisfy all your needs for astronomy, astrophotography and time-lapse photography. EQ-platform. 5mm illuminated Plössl. Thus the Dobsonian can be aligned quite exactly to the celestial pole. A basic Dobsonian mount is simply a 3 sided plywood box (pink) that sits and rotates on some type of Dobsonian bearings (usually Teflon pressed against metal or plastic). com, then have a look by Transport. The north side of the platform with the threaded rod and the spring construction to hold the drive-arm firmly against the aluminium angle (being moved from West to East by the threaded rod) to prevent play. Introducing the Ultimate in Dobsonian design!! The patented collapsible FlexTube system for ultimate convenience & portability has now been combined with powerful dual-axis servo motors and encoders in the base unit. The sturdy laminated finish wooden Dobsonian mount includes premium features such as roller bearings on the azimuth (side to side) axis and large diameter aluminum altitude (vertical axis) bearings with a hand adjustable variable tension brake for smooth and stable movement. The Equatorial Mount. We stock the widest range of products for Astrophotography. 852,75 RON. The platform is made of metal and convinces with precise workmanship, a powerful motor and precise tracking. The equatorial platform is merely a section of a cone whose axis is aligned with the north celestial pole and the COG of the telescope is on this axis. This animated gif shows how it works (~2Mb). A Dobsonian mounted on an EQUATORIAL PLATFORM becomes the ultimate user-friendly telescope. Hickson Group Observer's Guide (2nd Edition) Abell Planetary Nebulae Observer's A tracking mount (often called a mount with a clock drive) moves the telescope to counteract the earth's rotation and keep objects in the field of view. Astrophotography is possible with a Dobsonian and equatorial platform! The best part about it all is that it WORKS! Just point it to the celestial pole (north or south), level it, sit the scope on top, turn on the motor. The Eartha carries large Dobsonian telescopes up to 24"! The tracking speed can be precisely set via the manual control box. Blandin Platforms is a new company offering equatorial platforms for Dobsonian telescopes. The aperture of any telescope is the optical tube diameter, usually expressed as the actual mirror or objective lens diameter, rather than the actual optic tube inside diameter. Dobsonian Mount - This is a terrific entry level telescope because you get a lot of light gathering power for a very reasonable price. 5 inches long. Geoptik carrying cases have a very ergonomic design, allowing you to handle them easily. Then take a thin slat of of 27. Da molti anni Geoptik produce, con la migliore qualità Italiana, una ampia linea di prodotti per l'astronomia e l'astrofilo esigente. Soap-Box Equatorial Platform for small Dobsonian? Currently, commercial-quality Poncet equatorial platorms are size and cost effective only for fairly large Dobsonian scopes. ) They also control the manual slew. It is so good that I have never removed it from the platform since the day I bought it 9 years ago. If you have a Dobsonian telescope (colloquiallly, a Dob) then the SkyStopper is right for you. 5 inch Dobsonian telescope. It is useful as a tracking platform to capture wide-field images of the Milky Way, or as a compact travel mount. In this kit you will find everything that is needed to assemble your truss-tube Dobsonian. Crossbow equatorial platforms are built tough, yet light weight and easily transportable. Yet another entry from Orion, the Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope is their cheaper Dobsonian telescope. The object (Moon, Planet, Nebula, Cluster, ) remains reliably in the center of the eyepiece. 25″), and quick-collimation cap are all standard equipment. ” Tracking Time: 50 minutes The Dobsonian, depending on your point of view, is either free from the complications that come with tracking devices, or is handicapped because the object drifts out of the field of view too quickly at higher magnifications. The dobsonian telescope platform from north star systems, tracks-stars, planets, galaxies, moon, equatorially with unprecedented stability for dobsonian telescopes up to-165lbs weight. made of baltic birch plywoods, and oil stained with polyurethane finish. The Dobsonian mount has garnered a lot of positive reviews from customers saying that it provides a very stable and vibration-free viewing platform. Perfect for High-Power Drawing, Classes, Star With the Dobson platform AERTHA, Geoptik offers a high-end solution for large Dobsonian telescopes. Stellafane External Links provide links to related information on Amateur Telescope Making, Mirror Making, Optics, other Astronomy clubs and local area links to the Springfield, Vermont area. Set a Dobsonian on an Equatorial Platform and experience instant motorized tracking! Wherever you point, you're tracking - smoothly, precisely - without losing   The project Nadirus is the result of cooperation with reliable partners and the special help of the Amadori study design . The Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P FlexTube™ 130mm Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope (A buyer's guide) - Duration: 6:25. You, too, can avoid astronomical costs by watching stars through a tricked-out cardboard tube. I use a Schmidt-Newtonian, and it can do some awesome wide field deep sky work. With a built-in mini-motor, an equatorial system and great electronic controls, you’re bound to enjoy amazing cosmic observations free of frustration. Others have suggested mounting the rough-cut sector to the platform first, and then cutting the arc - this requires a more creative and complicated jig, but does a better job of ensuring the arc actually matches the axis of the finished platform (mine is off slightly). Geoptik Magnetic Counterweight Kit This kit includes a 1. Adauga in cos GEOPTIK DOBSONIAN PLATFORM. Telescope Covers. Dobsonian mounts are not suitable for long exposure imaging of deep-sky objects. The latter assists in setting up the red dot ‘EZ finder’ – although this could well do with a larger optical companion on this 305mm (twelve-inch) leviathan. The telescope will automatically slew, or you can move it by hand. Two segments on a circle on the base represent the "polar axis. Celestron, Skywatcher, Baader Dobsonian (named after John Dobson) Equatorial Mount ; Fork Mount; For our purposes, both the fork mount and equatorial mounts sit atop a simple tripod system that comes with the mount itself as an integral part. For mounting a DOB Traditional, DOB Collapsible, or Newtonian Reflector telescope tube OTA on a SynScan DOB GoTo Upgrade Kit. The sky is moving, the dob stays still. I don't notice any wobble with the stepper motor on this platform. The EQ-platform is available between 40° and 60° (North or South). Skywatcher Skyliner 300P Flex Tube SynScan GOTO Dobsonian Telescope £1,425. The maximum Tracking time up to approximately 1 hour. The 4 buttons are used to select which function will be used (tracking, manual slew, etc. You can't really track and keep it in the center of your FOV because vibration degrades the image, say, if you're trying to make out the Cassini Divosion in Saturn's rings, but you can position the scope so Saturn is at Tracking for your Dobsonian mounted telescope. The slideshow attempts to explain simply how the idea of an Equatorial tracking Platform is derived from a classical driven Equatorial mount. It is a high precision, portable and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. eq-tech platforms tm dobsonian telescope tracking platforms Set a dobsonian telescope on a eq-tech tracking platform and experience motorize tracking. Much more stable. One of my friend use philips webcam for doing astrophotography of planets and moon. Most of the time the 16mhz Arduino mega would be fine also for most setups. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. When you use an EQ platform, you continue to point the Dob normally, moving it in altitude and azimuth to locate objects. It only took a couple of weeks and it works great. Altitude-azimuth mounts are the types of mounts which are capable of swinging upwards and downwards as well as to the right and to the left. Designed for use with Orion 4. Telescope covers will also protect from the occasional rain shower. This is the final platform with the rocker box from my Dob. 2. In addition, you can use higher magnifications to bring out detail. Build a Backyard Dobsonian Telescope. 00 Specifically, the Dobsonian telescope is a reflecting telescope with a Newtonian optical design. Set a Dobsonian on an Equatorial Platform and experience instant motorized tracking! Wherever you point, you're tracking - smoothly, precisely - without losing stability, ease of operation or portability. Focusers. Once you find your target, the telescope will track it for you, keeping it centered in the field of view. The maximum telescope weight that it can handle is 40 kg. Has the ability to track or automatically follow the sky, Tom Osypowski from equatorialplatforms. Clock drives are certainly nice, but not a requirement for the successful mounting and use of a telescope. Dobsonian Mount The Dobsonian mount is a newer, modified version of the Altazimuth mount. Best Answer: My 11-inch Starmaster Dobsonian is mounted on an equatorial platform made by Tom Ozypowski. This problem can be overcome by building or buying a motorized equatorial platform that sits under the Dobsonian and effectively converts it into an equatorial amount. Then, lower the entire assembly onto the tube. Are you looking for the best telescope? Well I have to say that when we are talking about telescopes, more money means you can buy more telescope! I was wanting to know if its possible to do astrophotography with a dobsonian. Tracking celestial objects is also extremely easy, so much so that the entire family can join in the fun and use the telescope to observe deep-sky objects such as nebulas and galaxies. These categories are Alt Azimuth and Equatorial, which all other mounts such as GEMs or Fork mounts are variations upon. The tension of the spring can be adjusted by turning the wingnut. The dobsonian is not tracking. Click on the photo for more information on how it works. 337,93 RON. Equatorial Platform for 18-inch Dobsonian HOME INDEX BACK NEXT. Here is a photo of the electronic circuitry that drives the stepper motor. Mounting your Dobsonian on an equatorial platform gives your scope true equatorial movement for an hour or so before the platform needs to be repositioned. The new low-cost tracking platform from Johnsonian Designs offers 45 minutes of continuous tracking and can be reset simply by pressing down on one corner of the platform. 3 lbs. This becomes a big problem if you are trying to view a planet or lunar object at high power. Essentially a tracking platform converts your Dobsonian mounted telescope into a motor driven polar aligned Equatorially mounted telescope system. The following images show a basic platform for a Dobsonian telescope which allows the scope to track an object simply by rotating the platform about its axis. Done. It works just like a photo tripod. Geoptik HERCULES, Wood tripod - 30H106 This tripod has a connection for mounts GK300, EQ6, Atlas, and adapters also GM8 Losmandy mounts, G11 (# 30H150) and HEQ5 (# 30A230) The base is finely CNC machined and anodized. Telescope mounts – Buying guide & Comparison. The entire structure is varnished for outdoors. They are used to track the rotation Stargazing Solar System Hdr Telescope Platforms Astronomy Track Sistema Solar Runway For compact catadioptric telescopes you can convert an Alt-Az drive to equatorial by adding an equatorial wedge. The feet swivel and have non-skid bumps on them. 36 inch distance from the pivot a small hole is drilled with the same width as the point of a pencil. The kit is clear coloured (see illustration). It slowly tilts your telescope from East to West, over a period of about 90 minutes, so that your telescope will follow the stars as the earth rotates. And also the image quality that he get looks promising. Easier to build, easier to use, and less expensive than a Dobsonian! The tube was made from a concrete form (sonotube) and the mount was built entirely of 2-inch plumbing parts. alien platforms are custom set to buyers latitude for a custom built platform at there address The equatorial platform (also know as an equatorial table) is designed to give a Dobsonian-type scope the ability to track the stars as an equatorially mounted scope. Welcome to the Telescope Hub - for independent and best telescope reviews. 99) includes a host of new features to track the orbital path of more than 3,500 satellites. Formerly known as Satellite Safari, Orbitrack ($4. SkyStopper Home. The Teensy's size makes it a bit fiddly and It would be nice if you could just run them off 12 volts. Dobsonian telescope mounts move in altitude and azimuth on friction bearings. A large equatorial platform for a big Dob. GoTo and tracking motors are pre-installed on the base panels, making assembly and disassembly quick and easy. The platform was surprisingly easy to build. 5 and nearly every aperture and focal length combination between. Push-Clutch Dob-Driver II complete "no-alignment no-setup" dual-axis tracking motor kit for Dobsonian telescopes. Adauga in cos. Platform features a precision auto shut off switch at the end of tracking and re set handle for easy re setting the platforms tracking. Converting from a Dobsonian mount to an equatorial mount. Dobsonian telescopes are also commonly referred to as light buckets. A 1. Tracking mount for a 12" dobsonian? So I realize this may be a difficult task, a few years ago a picked up a Zhumell 12 inch dobsonian at a freight liquidation sale for 250 (score!), it was missing a few parts which were easy to procure and I rebuilt a base for it which basically consists of lazy Susan setup. I’ve found that my Canon t2i 550D in movie crop mode works amazingly well for capturing video with just a 2x Barlow and my 10″ Dobsonian. 2012-10-03, Jupiter “back side,” not showing the Great Red Spot, RGB data shown The Barska GLX Red Laser has an accessory rail conveniently mounted under the laser with a stabilizing cross bar insert for added support. Collapsible Dobsonian base breaks down for easy portability and efficient storage. (Colour of the product image is for reference only, actual colour of the product may vary dpending on distributor) Blandin Platforms is a new company offering equatorial platforms for Dobsonian telescopes. Just set it up and start - pure   The answer is the equatorial platform or equatorial table, which serves as a tracking platform for the Dobsonian telescope. An Equatorial mount is recommended for its very precise tracking and stability. The SkyStopper Equatorial Platform is like no other. The Poncet equatorial platform with its simple design has been used to track in the equatorial mode, a multitude of instrumentation, including just about everything from small cameras, optical instruments, telescopes to an entire observatory. By unhooking the two CorrecTension springs from the Dobsonian base you can detach the 46. The Dobsonian mounted telescope is popular among amateur astronomers and telescope makers because of its simplicity. It is a sturdy mount with a compact design, equipped with an equatorial dovetail plate for easy mounting, an incorporated EQ-3M motor for smooth tracking of celestial objects, as well as all the controls you need to enjoy your astronomy observations to the fullest. Shop with confidence. 5", 6", 8" and 10" Dobsonians, the Dob Dolly provides a rugged wheeled platform for your big telescope, so you can conveniently roll-out your fully assembled SkyQuest Dobsonian from its storage spot for stargazing adventures. If you want to monitor the movement of the stars then you should choose an equatorial mounting. In an astronomical image, tracking a comet for instance with a Dob-Driver will show streaks for each star. , while the 19" diameter Dobsonian base tips the scales at 20. This Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Photo Package is built around the Star Adventurer mount, which is a high precision, portable, and stable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar, and lunar tracking with an automatic DSLR shutter release control. 5 Ninja and 2300 mm for the 16" f/5 Zambuto). The Dobsonian mount, popularized by John Dobson in the late 1970’s, is a very simple but effective method of mounting a Newtonian Reflector, based on the alt-azimuth principle. Find an object fast with the Digital Setting Circles, then keep it centered with the tracking of the Platform. This electric system is powered by a 12Volt battery (not included) that is positioned under the basament. How To Build a Dobsonian Telescope: DIY Astronomy Project. 00 buy DETAILS Combining the power of a large optical tube, the portability of the patented collapsible FlexTube design and SynScan computerised Go-To technology. Although an EQ platform can be built relatively inexpensively, even commercially made platforms at several hundreds of dollars are reasonable compared to the price of a sturdy GEM mount! DIY Dobsonian Tracking Advice. The hub for the secondary mirror is included. The motor drive runs on a replaceable 9V battery (included) which has a life time of about 40 hours. An equatorial platform, or EQ platform for short, is a squat, flat, motor-driven table that sits underneath the Dob base and gradually pivots the scope at the exact rate needed to counteract the apparent motion of the stars. With a dobsonian telescope or a Newtonian telescope in general, flexure of the telescope structure is likely to occur during guiding. Placing your Dobsonian telescope on an equatorial tracking platform gives a system which will track celestial objects across the sky, maintaining them in the eyepiece field for 10s of minutes, even at high powers. Here is my latest creation, fresh out of the workshop. Quick View iOptron SkyTracker Pro Tracking DSLR Mount £349. Tracking. The Dobsonian is placed on the equatorial platform and aimed at particular target and the equatorial platform does the rest of the work. It was easy to build and the parts cost under $40. If you don't mind spending an extra 300-600 dollars, this is an effective solution. Motorizing a dobsonian adds automatic tracking and finding capabilities. It's a large and sturdy equatorial platform for the 17. A vixen 1. Line up the threaded holes in the edge of the end ring with the holes in the end of the tube. It will support scopes weighing as much as 60 pounds. Towards the west end of the McCreary Mount a hydraulic means of regulating the motion of the platform is employed. The stable equatorial platform for Dobsonian telescopes offers precise tracking and variable latitude adjustment. The dimensions are 49 x 50 x 10 cm and platform weighs 2 kg. This page describes the construction of an Equatorial Platform for my Dobsonian telescope. The compact mount also allows secure mounting to the shortest of rails on handguns and rifles, and can withstand the shock of large caliber recoil. Dobsonian telescopes are popular with amateur telescope makers for their ease of design and construction, portability, and their use of large optical mirrors. The platform tracks very well and gives me approximately 80 minutes of tracking before it has to be reset. The mount is really what distinguishes the Dobsonian from a standard Newtonian telescope. Here is my build, in pictures. The advantage of an EQ platform is the possibility to enjoy the comfort of a star tracking system while preserving the "dobson feeling". It is possible to buy or build an equatorial platform for your Dobsonian to allow tracking, however they are typically not precise enough for deep-sky imaging. 5 inch length and hammer a small nail in it, close to one of the ends. Every part of this Dobson has been  14 Dec 2018 Convert your altaz Dobsonian telescope into a sky-tracking lightbucket. When you use an eyepiece, you're focusing on a mirror-produced image that is forward from the eyepiece by some distance that varies depending on the design and focal length of the eyepiece. With traction drive for altitude control (rimdrive) and traction drive for azimuth control and "push-to-move" automatic clutches on the motors that that re-engage when you stop pushing. Each leg has a stainless steel M12 shaft, in a steel tee nut under the base. Bear in mind the Dobsonian is a visual instrument and is not capable of tracking the stars unless used on a tracking platform. The setting circles and focuser came from Jaegers Optical way back when. It is based on the UCN5804B single chip stepper motor driver. Astrophotography of deep sky objects require long exposures, which is not possible by dobsonian telescopes. the unit is powered by 9v-battery and lasts up to 40hrs. A good telescope cover will reject the heat of the sun during the day, allowing the telescope to cool down more quickly after sunset. With the EQM-35, Sky-Watcher offers a stable, lightweight platform suitable for up to 100 mm refractors or up to 127 mm Maksutovs. The drive base consists of two prism-shaped plywood structures, hinged together along one side with a space between for a small automotive inner tube. A compact high-precision camera tracking platform that is ideal for long exposure astrophotography as well as time-lapse photography. This mount was invented in the 1970's by John Dobsonian. Astronomical sketching is much easier if your telescope "follows" the objects in the sky. A Newtonian optical tube consists of one large primary concave mirror at the bottom end of the tube and one small flat secondary mirror located at the observing end of the tube. Home Up: INTRODUCTION: THE DESIGN: CONSTRUCTION: DRIVING THE PLATFORM: CONCLUSIONS: STEPPER MOTOR: INTRODUCTION You can skip this if you know all about equatorial mounts, otherwise The circle sectors and the platform top. Dobsonian Telescopes. 5" long optical tube. 7 Traditional Dobsonian Telescope gives users performance at a reasonable price. If you make a jig, a VNS is probably easier to build than a circle sector platform as there are less angled supports to cut. For very fine smooth tracking we use professional heavy duty roller bearings,celestron drive motors, aluminum motor mounts,high quality platform base leg feet,easy grip re-set handle,top grade 3/4" birch/maple/oak ply-woods and updated heavy duty roller brackets. The mirror sits in a nicely made cell with big brass collimation knobs. Random quote "The thrill of actually seeing detail had me so excited I was running all over the sky, as rapidly as a 6 year-old to a Christmas tree. It can be used for earth object and bird viewing. Thanks to its ability to be separated into four pieces, the XX14g Dobsonian base is perfect for the stargazer who enjoys big, bright views on-the-go. In its preferred embodiment, gravity is used as the motive force during tracking, and the flow of an incompressible fluid such as water may be finely adjusted through any suitably precise valving mechanism to regulate the motion. GSO eyepiece camera adapter mount directly between your camera and your telescope for eyepiece projection. By merely plugging in an optional computer costing about $150, the user can tell the computer what object that he/she wants to look at and the computer will then tell the user how to turn the telescope to find the object. With the object remaining centered in the eyepiece, you enjoy the relaxing view. TS SkyTracker Set - Tracking for night photography, time lapse. Includes Free. - It’s a true German equatorial mount vs a tracking platform whereas the SkyTracker series and Vixen Polarie. The motor drive runs on a  . The finished platform will enable your altaz Dob to follow the motion  TS-Optics EQ Platform - for automatic tracking of your Dobsonian telescope. They are used to give equatorial tracking to any device sitting on them, from small cameras up to entire observatory buildings. A telescope that includes a wooden platform is also known as Dobsonian. Dobsonians can do photography but would require a field derotator. Once aligned with the telescope, just turn on the EZ Finder II and peer through the sight's small circular viewing window so you see the red dot, and move the telescope until the red dot is on the object you want to see. Tracking: The mount's motors are switched on and the mount is happily tracking the stars across the sky under its own steam. This will be the pivot of a hand-made compass. High Capacity With a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs, the EQT-150SC and EQT-225SC platforms can handle some of the biggest Dobsonian telescopes available. com produces equatorial platforms which are placed beneath almost any dobsonian telescope and track objects in the sky for about 80-85 minutes. You will now be able to observe at high powers with your object staying in the eyepiece field of view. Guiding : You need more accuracy than the mount is able to provide, so you have a second scope attached to the main scope (this can, at a push, be the main scope's finder scope) with a camera attached (this can, at a push, be a modified webcam) that sends an image of a star to your laptop. A large wing nut allows you to snug the shaft to the base to eliminate play. Drift or driven. The Dobsonian, depending on your point of view, is either free from the complications that come with tracking devices, or is handicapped because the object drifts out of the field of view too quickly at higher magnifications. PM builds one and speaks to John Dobson The mount acts as a platform for your telescope, and the tripod supports both and establishes a degree of elevation and stability. Unpacking The equatorial platform comes in two parts, the top and the base. Many hundreds of these Equatorial Platforms have been built for Dobsonian mounted telescopes, and the theory works superbly in practice. Its large parabolic primary mirror is highly reflective and corrects spherical aberration to eliminate distortion across the entire field of view, The tube rides on a stable Dobsonian base that allows easy point-and-view navigation and has a convenient carrying handle. Tom Osypowski Equatorial Platforms SDM Telescopes Webster Telescopes. Guiding: You need more accuracy than the mount is able to provide, so you have a second scope attached to the main scope (this can, at a push, be the main scope's finder scope) with a camera attached (this can, at a push, be a modified webcam) that sends an image of a star to your laptop. They are used to track the rotation Stargazing Solar System Hdr Telescope Platforms Astronomy Track Sistema Solar Runway You should, by the end of this project, have a reasonably precise tracking platform on which to place your alt-az dobsonian telescope (or even a camera and tripod at the same height?) and have it track a single object for approximately 45-55 minutes without having to reposition your telescope. Its simple design and low profile has made it a very useful “retrofit” If you have a decent equatorial mount, Newtonians are PERFECT for astrophotography, infact, even better than Schmidt Cassegrains because of their wider field. The Poncet Platform and the Equatorial Table Platform Method • Platform has a virtual rotational axis which has to be carefully aligned with the earths axis – it must point at the Celestial Pole • Anything placed on the driven platform follows the rotation of the sky • Very stable as bearing surfaces so far apart and very low Round Table Platforms I always wanted a tracking platform for my dobsonian, but never had the skill or tools needed to construct one. EQ Platform. The electronics, microstepped motors, and hand controller is the same as our Type V. Just place the platform facing north, put your Dobsonian on it, switch on the tracking motor and enjoy observing without the need of "rocking" you I decided to make my own dual axis equatorial platform and put the tube back on the original Dobsonian mount. But first, what is an equatorial platform?This device will let you observe an object for several minutes or take photos of the night sky without having t The Orion XT8 Classic Dobsonian telescope can conveniently be separated into two pieces for easy transport and storage. These platforms are also great as portable tracking mounts for visual observation, eclipse chasing, astrophotography while traveling or backpacking, or for grab-and-go astronomy while at home. A Dobsonian mount was designed to support massively sized Newtonian Reflectors and keep a steady image from the size and weight of the optical tube. Following a simple alignment procedure, you can use the EZ Finder II sight to accurately aim the SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian telescope at objects in the sky like the Moon and bright planets. Vastly greater battery life - Almost 16x longer, Adjustable latitude bearing. the high end design and quality components are the best value in dobsonian tracking platforms in the market place today. Do you want to explore the beauty and wonders of sky and earthly objects? Well, there are a number of best telescopes to choose from. alien platforms are built with professional craftsmenship like their built from aliens from some other planet. These have ranged from 8" F/6 to 24" F/3. High precision, portable celestial tracking platform for sidereal, solar and lunar tracking with automatic DSLR shutter release control. 2kg counterweight and magnetic strip. A seperate guide scope cannot account for all the flexure, especially when working with long focal lengths (in my case: 2070 mm for the 16" f/4. The design of such platforms was first  This platform is simply placed under your rockerbox. An equatorial platform or equatorial table is an equatorial telescope mount in the form of a specially designed platform that allows any device sitting on it to track astronomical objects in the sky on an equatorial axis. get over 1hr tracking time before resetting and 40hrs on the 9v battery included. The integrated SlipStream clutches allow you to move the scope at any time by hand or with the motorized slew control, with no levers to disengage. However, the Dobsonian has one major drawback -- no motor drive. The Poncet Platform and the Equatorial Table The Dobsonian mount was invented in the 1970's by John Dobson. This electronic focuser enables precise, dynamic focus control for planetary and deep-sky imaging. Thanks to some help from the Google+ astronomy community, I’ve been getting some pretty decent results imaging Jupiter. From what I read, the tracking is outstanding if done properly. 7 Focal Ratio, 2" Single-Speed Crayford Focuser, 25mm and 10mm Super Eyepieces, 9x50 Straight-View Finderscope, Tension Control Handle, Floor-Based Manual Alt-Az Mount, Dual Axis Teflon Bearings, Altitude Tension Clutch. Although the primary mirror cell is made of birch plywood with a support system where the 9-point floating mirror rests on discs of natural cork foam. The Dobsonian telescope was originally designed to cut cost and make very large aperture telescopes more affordable to the general public. When it come to observing deep space objects, light gathering aperture is the single most important factor. Sky Commader DSCs have a feature that turns off the clock and allows use of a platform with the telescope. 25” rack and pinion focuser is basic, but works perfectly. Sporting the large light bucket users have come to expect from a Dobsonian, the Sky-Watcher 10" f/4. Dobsonian bases are stable with a handy navigation knob for a simple pointing and stable tracking. You can build a compact motor driven platform for a Dob that will do the job. Equatorial Platform for the North: In this Instructable, I will show you how I designed an equatorial platform for my telescope. They can be used to control either a Dobsonian or an equatorial mount telescope. SKY-WATCHER USA - 12" (305mm) GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope - S11820 Skywatcher 12” SynScan Flex tube Go-to Dobsonian, “Welcome to the Big League” Skywatchers SynScan Go-to series of Dobsonians is an amazing innovation to an already solid telescope design and platform. SynScan-GOTO Upgrade kit for Dobsonian Telesope. The downside to an EQ platform is that you only get an hour or so of motion before the tilt becomes too extreme for your scope to stay on the platform. ServoCAT GOTO Drive. The focuser, mirror and finder components are not included. Typically, the base has 3 PTFE pads and a pivot bolt connecting the “rocker box” which is the section of the telescope with the altitude bearings that support the optical tube assembly. With this tracking comes the ability to do astrophotography without the need for field rotation. It is made of 18mm plywood, a couple of EBay motors and gearboxes, and a lot of bits from my scrap box. I just bought an xx12g. A rack-and-pinion style has a grooved rail, usually on the bottom of the drawtube, which sits on a matching grooved wheel. The Go-To will make finding your target easy and you should be able to compensate for any inaccuracies by using the motors manually to re-center the planet. The exciting new Sky-Watcher Dobsonian SynScan series is precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night View full details $3,400. In April 2010, I've contacted Tom Osypowski by mail. It counteracts the effect of the Earth's rotation. Comments from Dobsonian Owners Lately I've become increasingly frustrated with my telescopes small aperture. Homemade motorised platform for tracking in RA only (can be powered by mains or battery) Thousand Oaks Glass Solar Filter Mirrors condition are in good condition, shows dirt on them but this does not affect performance. The SkyStopper is adjustable for a range of latitudes. The Zhumell Z12 Dobsonian telescope features a massive 12” parabolic primary mirror that captures a substantial amount of light and produces crisp, bright images free of visual defects like spherical aberration. This is a fairly conventional truss-tubed Dobsonian, but fired with GOTO. It features unmatched stability and smoothness of motion. At exactly 26. Newtonian with a tiny (18% diameter) central obstruction that falls below the 20% limit generally thought to be noticeable. This means there is a concave mirror at the end of the telescope tube and an eyepiece on the side, toward the front. Building an Equatorial Tracking Platform 1 Build it to the latitude where you will mainly use it,when traveling you can wedge it to the new latitude up to 5 degrees North or South (1 degree = 300 mile +/-) At first glance the device looked like some sort of Poncet platform, but actually it is much simpler. 99, it’s another chance for beginner astronomer to view deep space without having to fork out thousands of pounds. A 555 timer circuit is tuned with a trimpot to provide about 375 pulses per second to the driver chip to move the motor at the sidereal rate. Use high powers to enhance the view. Made to be employed as an imaging system, the EQM-35 also works remarkably well for visual applications. That is because the Dob-Driver is tracking the OBJECT - and the object is moving against the background of stars in two axes at once. After a short reset, the platform tracks for another 80-85 minutes and so on. The LVI Smart Guider will keep your tracking telescope on target for hours without the use of a computer. If I was looking at one today for a 8" -12" Dob for visual use I'd also consider selling my original scope and putting the money towards a tracking Dob from Skywatcher,. The ground board of the platform has a stepper motor and roller bearings tilted at 41 degrees, the latitude of my location. Optical quality you can see. Dobsonian mounts are mounted on the ground by a heavy platform, and designed to support massively sized Newtonian Reflectors, while keeping a steady image. The robust wedge in fig. At $299. By sophiecentaur, September 26, 2016 in Getting Started Equipment Help and Advice Tracking the interwoven filaments of the veil nebula to their very ends, observing distant clusters of tiny galaxies, the uncountable stars of a globular cluster, or trying to glimpse obscure objects at the threshold of visibility -- these are impressions at the telescope that cannot be described in words. Equatorial platform 20 inch f/5 telescope. If you’re looking for a solid platform for your telescope which also comes with smooth tracking aides and extra accessories, then the Orion AstroView EQ Mount is probably your best bet. It gives me 40 minutes of tracking time. Here is a closer shot of the control paddle. The Spicaeyes Dobsonian Truss Tube Telescope is a complete telescope system. A well-made Dobsonian telescope is an excellent observing machine. Fast and easy to set up, the Dobsonian mount consists of a box-type mounting which allows the telescope to pivot in altitude, while the box itself is rotated on a base in azimuth. A Dobsonian telescope convinces with easy handling. When transporting the Astronomy telescopes, Dobsonian telescope kits, primary mirrors, elliptical secondary mirrors, (Also WHEN AVAILABLE: mirror holders, spiders, lenses, telescope parts, astronomy accessories, eyepieces, filters, diagonals, finder scopes, Telrads, photo adaptors, close-out specials) Exclusively using Coulter Optical ® optics. A Dobsonian-mounted reflector on an equatorial mount is almost the ideal setup. It has a 25mm and 10mm eyepiece that give you a 900mm zoom allowing you to see more images than a standard reflector telescope. Plus it is eminently compact and transportable. Dobsonians on Platforms. The Roundtable platform is a great piece of work but the dollar/ pound exchange rate was a lot kinder back when I got mine. Motorize your Dobsonian! This platform is simply placed under your rockerbox. the celestron drive motor can handle dobsonians up to 16'' or 140lb weight limit. Find great deals on eBay for dobsonian tracking platform. They are often used with altazimuth mounted telescopes, such as the common Dobsonian telescope type, to overcome that type of mount's inability to tra Tracking mount for a 12" dobsonian? So I realize this may be a difficult task, a few years ago a picked up a Zhumell 12 inch dobsonian at a freight liquidation sale for 250 (score!), it was missing a few parts which were easy to procure and I rebuilt a base for it which basically consists of lazy Susan setup. The working principle is very well documented on the home pages of Jan Van Gastel (English) and Reiner Vogel (German) . To do planet astrophotography you can use DSLR or CCD Camera. I also understand that objects rotate in the FOV closer to the pole. A highlight of the platform is the adjustable latitude from 30° to 60° in 2° steps. The axis of the wheel will have generally have knobs on each end that you turn to move the tube in and out for focusing. It comes supplied with a 28mm ‘Deepview’ eyepiece plus a 12. With the remote control you can increase or decrease the tracking speed and, with a dedicated button, you can return the platform to the starting position. Connect DSLR camera to 10 inch dobsonian telescope for astrophotography - Duration: 4:22. 7 Traditional Dobsonian Telescope featuring 10" / 254 mm Aperture, 1200mm Focal Length, f/4. So by the time you decide you need a wedge to support what may become your new addiction to astrophotography, you may want to consider a high-end wedge such as a Milburn or Mitty product. Quick View Need guidance on how to start astrophotography with telescope & DSLR. 2kg weight up and down until… Of course, for deep space imaging you do need an equatorial mount because of the long exposures, a Dobson mounted Newtonian as an Alt/Az with no tracking platform will not be suitable. The Eartha is not only a very robust platform for large Dobsonian telescopes, but also easy to use! EQUATORIAL PLATFORMS Drive Systems for Dobsonian Telescopes 15736 McQuiston Lane Grass Valley, CA 95945 Tom Osypowski 530-274-9113 E-mail us here! A well-made Dobsonian telescope is an excellent observing machine. Depends on the Dobsonian-many different makes with optics ranging from superb to barely adequate. Sky-Watcher Skyliner-300P FlexTube AUTO 305mm (12") f/1500 Parabolic Truss-tube Dobsonian Telescope. The telescope is a $450 Sky-Watcher 8 inch Dobsonian Telescope from Celestron. If you need to counterweight a dobsonian for example but there isn’t anywhere to attach a weight, this kit will allow you to do that. Some dealers (such as Orion) are now selling Dobsonian telescopes with built-in support for digital setting circles. In the picture you also see a large compass board on the right-hand-side which is used to set up the platform and align it correctly in azimuth. Selling as I am more into AstroPhotography these days and this scope has not been used in many years. The Dobsonian mount is a newer, modified version of the Altazimuth mount. Higher magnifications are pretty easy if you have a wide-angle eyepiece in the 80 degree range. Equipped like this, a Dobsonian should be able to keep the planet in frame and allow you to record videos to process into detailed pictures later. The platform swings between the two bolts which attach it to the base. GEOPTIK DOBSONIAN PLATFORM <p><strong>Motorize your Dobsonian!</strong><span>&nbsp;This platform is simply placed under your rockerbox. An equatorial platform is one base with a rocker fixed on the bottom and is slanted at an angle that rocks on top on another base and is powered by a low speed, high torque motor. When you replace the eyepiece with a T-ring and camera, The Dobsonian mount has garnered a lot of positive reviews from customers saying that it provides a very stable and vibration-free viewing platform. These high quality professional built tracking platforms are built to buyers latitude location for the best tracking results with very smooth and vibration free tracking from start to finish at The Eartha carries large Dobsonian telescopes up to 24"! The tracking speed can be precisely set via the manual control box. Just place the platform facing north, put your Dobsonian on it, switch on the tracking motor and enjoy  The EQ-platform is available between 40° and 60° (North or South). This protection is essential for leaving your valuable equipment set up for several days at a time. Different types of telescope mounts. There are two primary kinds of mounts, with all others being variations on these two categories. Although it is our plan to introduce field rotation support, it will not be done until an actual mechanical field rotator comes available. The platform which allows uninterrupted tracking for up to 80mins, has been in regular use ever since then. Gotta Start Somewhere Being utterly unsure how to proceed, I start by making a scale model to minimize time, expense, and effort. The best place for a wide range of Astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Accessories all at internet prices. Hickson Group Observer's Guide (2nd Edition) Abell Planetary Nebulae Observer's Mounting a 10" dob OTA on an equatorial mount? Hi. The Stellar Cat system is a complete electronic control package allowing the control of a telescope using either a Sky Commander or Argo Navis Digital Setting Circles as the reference. Buy Sky-Watcher 10&quot; f/4. The results: a rebuilt 16" f/5 Dobsonian on a new homemade equatorial platform at Fort McKavett State Historic Site in November 2011. geoptik dobsonian tracking platform

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