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Jennifer Lynch, a Latin teacher in the Fulton County School District at Johns Creek High School in Georgia, resigned on Monday after meeting with human resources. It costs a small amount of Gold Points and your contribution will help to build a better online community. I'm kidding. Facebook hired an ex-Bush regulator to manage this. 2. Just live your best, best life and DGAF about what anyone else thinks. "Gorilla face Michelle" Obama only attractive to "monkey man Barack": WA mayor refuses to resign after racist Facebook rant "If I do resign that’s admitting I’m a racist," defiant Washington Emmanuel Adebayor accuses brother of holding knife to his throat in third Facebook rant Tottenham Hotspur forward accuses brothers of violence and threats and admits suicidal thoughts in third TWIN FALLS, IDAHO—City Councilman and former mayor Greg Lanting personally apologized Tuesday afternoon to the parents of a five-year-old girl whose daughter had been sexually assaulted by refugee boys in June at the Fawnbrook apartments, for comments he made about the family last week on Facebook. com) 109 Posted by BeauHD on Friday August 02, 2019 @08:03PM from the conflict-of-interest dept. Americus Police Major Herman Lamar told Rant-a-Bit teaser; Bernie Hunhoff and the 2011 legislative session April 4th, 2011 | Rant-a-Bit Next Tuesday, April 12, Scott and I will trek to Yankton to interview Representative Hunhoff about the session. Teacher’s Viral Facebook Rant Is A Reminder Of How Hard That Job Can Be 'I have already made the decision to leave teaching at the end of this year. Rutgers University professor James Livingston accused of racist rant against whites on social media. Ashonti Dixon went into a Georgia middle school bathroom for a tissue and emerged a viral star after broadcasting the unclean conditions on Facebook Live — watch her hilarious rant Bank of America fires employee after racist Facebook rant 'Bathroom bill': North Carolina lawmakers announce deal on HB2 standoff George Clooney talks about helping Amal with her pregnancy Photo: Ronald Yip / Facebook On Friday, a video made its way across social media that shows a disturbing racist rant in Richmond. An expat American has been arrested in the United Arab Emirates for comments he posted on Facebook while in the US. Moments after news of Anthony Bourdain’s tragic suicide death shocked the nation, actor Val Kilmer went on a bizarre Facebook rant, calling the celebrity chef “selfish” for taking his own life. Bethany Reid, Anna Massie, Jenna Reid, Lauren MacColl. 77 likes. Austin author’s Facebook rant captures everyone’s feelings about I-35 Updated: A photo of Mopac was originally featured here. In a post Sunday, Dianne Kozakiewicz, 54, used slurs and profanity directed at African-Americans Another day, another workplace problem due to an off-hours Facebook rant. Massachusetts high school teacher June Talvitie-Siple learned the hard way that a Scott Wagner's Facebook rant is a reminder the Pa. Post the Definition of rant to Facebook Share the An Ohio lawmaker has stirred up controversy with a Facebook rant blaming the recent mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas on the breakdown of “traditional American family,” gay The Facebook event organizing a raid on Area 51 was removed, accidentally. Rutgers is now investigating Livingston's post and looking into A warehouse employee at Frito-Lay was fired after writing on Facebook he was "a hair away from setting it off in that b—," apparently referring to the warehouse where he worked. 425,639 likes · 43,133 talking about this. com There's a fine line between an effective rant and a big exaggeration. Honestly, if Facebook doesn’t introduce AJAX-y live update goodness to their homepage, I suspect I’ll use Facebook about 11% as much as I used to. Elizabeth Watts was in for John last night on The Rant. 3K likes. Nheru Littleton pleaded guilty to making a terrorist threat this  Apr 28, 2017 Second Circuit upholds NLRB's finding that an employee's vulgar Facebook rant toward his supervisor was protected under the NLRA. What a magical time, amirite? Especially on Facebook. A mom's Facebook rant about wanting to ban "childless millennials" from Disney World is going viral. In a rant on the White House lawn, Trump opined about the latest mass shooting in Texas and Facebook rant on parenting, respecting veterans goes viral Alex Bowman puts No. A new mum left “fuming” by a note posted from her neighbours pleading for sleep has sparked a huge debate. S. Facebook users take note: If you want to keep your job, you're better off doing your job-related griping offline. Luc Ferrandez. CLIP 03/05/18. The woman's rant stemmed from her son's tantrum over not getting a Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel. Make a real difference. I think we can all agree that political discussions on Facebook are  Jan 14, 2008 Facebook has 59 million users - and 2 million new ones join each week. Festive hat is a fun way to express your emotions on your profile picture that is shown next to all your posts. Ohio Democrat defends Al Franken with a bizarre Facebook rant a Democratic candidate running to be governor of Ohio took to Facebook to boast of his self-described sexual conquests in an A Florida assistant state attorney has been suspended after allegedly writing controversial Facebook posts slamming the type of people in downtown Orlando and those who go to nightclubs. How did these four companies come to infiltrate our lives so completely? In a spectacular rant, Scott Galloway shares insights and eye-opening stats about their dominance and motivation -- and what happens when a society prizes Doug Gottlieb responded to his viral hot take tweet on Andrew Luck's retirement, standing by his words, which he called sarcasm, and offering a long rant on millennials as part of his response The New York Times published an anti-Google screed by billionaire Peter Thiel last night but failed to mention a fun fact that readers might find relevant: Thiel sits on the board of Facebook, one A Facebook post by the Honest Parent has listed a number of issues with motorists misusing child and parent spaces (Picture: Facebook/Honest Blogger) An angry mum has hit out at people who use After a trip to Walt Disney World, a mother complained about millennials and “childless women” visiting the park. Guard yanked from wedding over Kate rant Rant - alcohol guzzling rants rant and rave rant and rave rant at you rant nor rave Rant Over. rant·ed , rant·ing , rants v. Read more: A mom's Facebook rant about banning childless millennials from Disney World has sparked outrage on the internet One high school teacher is out of a job after posting a Facebook rant about a student with special needs. In the since-deleted tweets, Aaron subtly shaded his older brother and implied that he has never met the Backstreet Boy's 3-year-old son. Oh the dark thick pain of loss The combined market capitalization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google is now equivalent to the GDP of India. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. 6. 30 likes. The Rant Room. facebook_url. Post anonymously and without registering. ” Or, “Forgive my rant but I just need to say WATCH: Alabama coach Nick Saban goes on short rant about trash talk, apologizes “I tell our players, if you want to talk s--- to the other team, join the god damn debate team,” he said. You want to get as close as possible to it without going over. Dr Rant thinks people dying in the NHS because of political interference and lack of funds is offensive. Nurse’s Facebook rant goes viral after stranger asks her ‘why would you wipe people’s a***s for a living?’ To see all content on The Sun, please use the Site Map. 6M likes. Local business needs local support and your advertisers are making a wise choice of media. lawenforcementrant. ' Tommy Lee Slams Donald Trump & Mike Pence In Wild Twitter Rant Guevarra worked as a staff nurse at Seton Medical Center for 12 years. Some readers may find the use of foul language offensive, for this we apologise in advance. (WSAV) – The recent arrest of a South Carolina teen who posted a racist rant to social media is bringing attention to a lack of hate crime laws in the Palmetto State and in Georgia. He made the The Seattle NHL Hockey Team Fan Page on Facebook already has about 2,200 members despite this city's franchise being more than two years away from playing. He fought the Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry Board’s determination that he needed to register as a level 3 sex offender. If you have an issue with something posted, take it up with the OP or message an admin with screenshots. Apr 13, 2013 Los Angeles Lakers' star Kobe Bryant took to Facebook early today to vent his frustration over an injury that appears likely to end his season,  Sep 6, 2018 When the going gets tough, the tough take to Facebook to bare their souls of the frustration of school drop off. Lawrence County is facing discipline after posting a racially insensitive comment on Facebook, criticizing former President  Dec 29, 2016 A spokesman for Harper, the book's publisher, said this is the first time the company has released a book on Facebook or angry audio rant, but . An annoyed British bride-to-be lashed out in a lengthy Facebook post, saying her friends were asking too many wedding questions. It is very ingenious in how it has come together. The post picked up attention on Mumsnet, a forum for parents in the UK, and it has people split. And Facebook continues to allow it. I did this humour writing class last semester, and one of the assignments was to write a full-blown rant about something that really gets you wound up. National MP Matt King has shared the belief that climate change "is natural" after posting a rant, taken from a US far-right source, to his Facebook page on Saturday. We Jun 28, 2019 This week on “Reply All”: What happened when a disgruntled Guatemalan woman's Facebook event turned into something a whole lot bigger. Details. To speak extravagantly, as in merriment. Superior Court Judge Thomas Shusted Jr. By Mara MacDonald Moise doesn’t buy it and has pulled up more than a dozen similar Facebook posts to give to the court to try and get Mum’s Facebook rant about neighbours’ angry note sparks divide. THE RANT. Also available on the NBC app. Anyway, so hello, my name is Rebecca and I'm a recovering Facebook addict - and since deactivating my Facebook account and liberating myself from this perniciously ubiquitous web… Define rant. linkedin_url. A video of the incident shows a woman in the parking lot outside the Richlea Square Shopping Centre yelling at a family over a parking dispute. I’ve always been fascinated by this fish, mostly because it looks unlike anything else in the ocean. Few weeks ago I spot a UNYSOC sticker on his car and asked him if he finally joined here. Geraldine Lovely was recommended for separation by the Air Force Personnel Board on May 7, 2019 following an investigation into  Jul 25, 2018 Facebook told Warzel the rant did not amount to a credible threat of violence, and left the post up. Catch the latest Rant Mondays through Thursdays and remember Thursday is Open Topic night on The Rant. Maine Republicans call for Rep. Facebook loosed their new interface this week. Candice Keller (R-Ohio) posted a bizarre Facebook rant where she blamed “the breakdown of the traditional American family (thank you, transgender, homosexual marriage, and drag queen advocates)” and many more. And we all out of cats. Listened on the radio. Facebook thinks that it’s just weirdo tech elites like me who are pissed off. She blamed them for her child crying and wants them banned from the theme park. Follow Tess on Twitter. I’ve started conversations with “I’m just gonna rant here for a second. Translations Guest Rant by Marianne Willburn Given the choice of dinner companions at an industry event, with fourteen topics on the table and the wine flowing The Randomness of Branches Scott Beuerlein - July 17, 2019 SAVANNAH, Ga. How to use rant in a sentence. The General Discussion section is open to everyone in and out of law enforcement for sharing information and ideas. Ashonti Dixon went into a Georgia middle school bathroom for a tissue and emerged a viral star after broadcasting the unclean conditions on Facebook Live — watch her hilarious rant Bank of America fires employee after racist Facebook rant 'Bathroom bill': North Carolina lawmakers announce deal on HB2 standoff George Clooney talks about helping Amal with her pregnancy Aaron Carter spoke out Monday evening following a Twitter rant he posted Sunday about his older brother Nick Carter. Buckle up. The force then charged the 39-year-old with violating the court-mandated restriction. Suspended Momentum activist says people attending Labour antisemitism demo are "absolute enemies of Muslims, enemies of people of Joe Biden Calls Japan “Xenophobic” In Bizarre Rant. Teachers tripped up by Facebook rants and bikini pics If you’re planning to be a teacher, be extra vigilant about your social media profile and consider every post Kathryn Nave The rant, which is both funny and profane, eventually went viral and has now been shared over 4,100 times on Facebook. Jun 1, 2019 Two videos posted publicly to Facebook by Ivan Amado Fuentes manager fired after the company initially backed her after rant goes viral. Jun 21, 2012 In the case of a California Chili's waitress, who's just been fired for posting an angry rant on her Facebook page, we're not even sure which  Oct 16, 2012 Brands often freeze up when they're criticized on Facebook. Posted here in real-time, 50 years ago now today. Josh Zimmerman The West Australian. AV Rant #592: Dynamic EQ and You May 25th, 2018 Tom Leave a comment Go to comments Our Listeners of the Week are Dale for his donation, and our 61 Patreon Patrons . The rant – which you've probably seen if you spend much time on Facebook – listed myriad reasons why the sunfish is actually "the biggest joke played on Earth". Jackie Walker posts bizarre 'racial hierarchy' rant on Facebook. We started this site when news sites switched over to facebook log in and censored most of us from posting. Facebook The journalist, who had been with the Pittsburgh-based news station WTAE-TV for 18 years, was fired Wednesday, March 30, after she posted a racist rant on her Facebook page. intr. What has you fuming? Get it off your chest with The Rant on FOX5! Tune in weeknights at 10 to see if your rant made it to John Rant FB. To get in the mood for a rant, you need both a background of annoyance and a trigger. Then her followers let loose in the comments section. For the past eight years at the start of the flu season, I reprint Dr. twitter_url. "We have to Racist Facebook postings attributed to the Riverhead Town attorney’s wife are being condemned. blending blogging and Facebook. A Georgia woman who went on a viral Facebook Live rant claiming she was HIV-positive and intentionally infecting others is now being investigated by police. Read the papers. Student's Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech The score is 2-1 in favor of the First Amendment when it comes to three federal rulings this month on the limits of students' online Student's Facebook Tirade Against Teacher Is Protected Speech The score is 2-1 in favor of the First Amendment when it comes to three federal rulings this month on the limits of students' online The ice cream store owner's politically charged rant has since gone viral. Mark Crislip‘s hysterical and outstanding rant about “Dumb Ass On Monday, Project Veritas released its first installment of our investigation, "To Catch a Journalist. Susan Olsen, the youngest star of '70s TV sitcom The Brady Bunch, was fired from a radio gig for using a gay slur toward a guest. The #1 movie and TV news website in the U. (David Ryder/Getty) Talk is cheap, but persuading Americans to surrender their rights will be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming. From RantLifestyle and RantPets to RantHollywood and RantSports, RantNOW gives you every trending and entertaining topic you’ll need no matter where you are. The video Tiger Rant • LSU Recruiting • Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. A Saukville man, upset about rulings in his child custody matter, charged with threats to a judge on Facebook A Florida Department of Corrections lawyer who made derogatory comments about black people on Facebook resigned Wednesday. The former reality star Tila Tequila Announces Second Pregnancy With Lengthy Facebook Rant. "Within the video, we interviewed Columbia Journalism School Associate Professor and Pultizer Your one stop shop for all the Rant, Inc. 5. Since we’re entering the 2019-2020 flu season in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s time for the annual epic Mark Crislip rant about flu vaccine fallacies. President Donald Trump to be separated from their children and exiled to Tila Tequila Announces Second Pregnancy With Lengthy Facebook Rant. Non-revenue passengers fly on stand-by because a friend or family member works for a particular airline company, but American had a strict dress code policy used to prevent these passengers from boarding their planes if a A Facebook "rant" about the cost of holidays outside school term time could lead to a debate in Parliament after it gains support for a petition. We like to think there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake. A Puerto Rican woman posted a video to Facebook of a racist incident at a Wildflower restaurant in Arizona during which she was told by a white woman at the next table that America should be all Tim Wise, who has made a name for himself as an anti-racism activist and author (and appeared on The Stream on Al Jazeera English), has drawn criticism for a Facebook rant that many say reflects his own white privilege. r/rant: The redesign is bad, dont use it. Facebook rant lands dad in jail on charges he threatened Ozaukee County judge. net. But the rant took an even darker turn After a comedic rant on Bodyform Maxi Pads' Facebook page went viral on Oct. I hate how I couldn't even have my own profile deactivated for more than a couple of days before having to go back for convenience sake. Hey, Azealia Banks is still alive. To criticize by ranting. Apollo missions and living on RCAF bases, plus Mr. In the time I publish this, Joe Biden will have committed three to five more gaffes, but we’ll land on a specific one today. he says "no, I just ran into some guys at a meet and they told me about the facebook page" Ever notice when we get completely worked up and really want to express what affects us deeply, we call it a rant? I’ve had rants before. The Rant is The Rant, Sanford, NC. Geraldine Lovely‘s ugly Facebook rant went viral. rant and rave phrase. Monday, December 12, 2016. Luke Campbell. reddit_url. . - https://screenrant. Click here to see what’s on NBC! From The Rant, 4/9/13 More calumny, I know, and again, I apologize. Once a radio show, now a monthly printed  The RANT. 2K likes. 88 on the pole at Daytona Kim Jong Un's sister heads home after whirlwind SKorea visit A 48-year-old White Center woman remains jailed after allegedly posting a video of a racist tirade on Facebook as she followed her neighbor in her car. GOP gubernatorial candidate threatens to 'stomp' on opponent's face with golf spikes. SoFlo and Facebook work together to ensure the destruction of the internet. ' Kate Streit 2018-04-11. Donald Trump's presidential campaign said Sunday it fired a staffer after racially charged Facebook posts he allegedly wrote were uncovered Friday. James Livingston, a white Rutgers University professor of history, went on a racist rant against white children and their parents Thursday after visiting a Harlem restaurant. 18 that one of her students “gets an extra hour for each final, and complains he decided to finish all six on Friday afternoon” before winter break, according to the news site. HUNDREDS of women who have happily Teen involved in Mandurah McDonald’s spit attack ‘apologises’ in foul-mouthed Facebook rant. Footage of a woman's racist rant in Portland, Oregon, has gone viral after being posted on social media on Wednesday, and the backlash has been severe, causing her to leave the area. The anonymous author went off on "childless couples" and "immature We’re here to read this Facebook rant about the Ocean Sunfish (Mola Mola). reads a defendant's angry Facebook post in his Last week, an American Airlines passenger went on an angry social media rant after the airline denied her boarding. You decide which is worse. But you won't catch Tom Hodgkinson volunteering his personal  Jun 8, 2015 UPDATE: HARD Summer is the latest festival to drop Ten Walls from its lineup. Kris the Rant Guy - KRG. Jul 29, 2019 Childless millennials should be banned from Disney World, tired mom rants The parent in a viral, expletive-laced Facebook post said that  May 3, 2019 Rap legend Snoop Dogg voiced his support for Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan after Facebook announced he, and several other  Feb 20, 2019 Prominent attorney faces new grievance complaint after Facebook rant and then, in a Facebook rant, misrepresenting what happened. Richard Deschamps. Tila Tequila is going to be a mom – again. This page covers a variety of topics from Politics to what is going on locally. Jessica Gentry, 34, from Virginia, USA, said she was sick of people assuming she THIS woman has gone on a long Facebook rant criticising people who choose to undergo plastic surgery. today. Saved from Vegan cheese has been universally renamed ‘Gary’ after Sainsbury’s turned one cheese-lover’s furious tirade into a viral joke. Bertel appears to be one of de Nysschen's 291 FB followers and got access to the whole announcement. A homophobic post on Facebook has shut down the career of  Dec 21, 2016 Video of a shopper going on a racist rant at a mall in Kentucky went viral on Facebook this week, spurring the woman who filmed it to ask her  Jan 23, 2017 A lawmaker in St. Without running a formal poll complete with statistical analysis, you get a feel for the general population’s reactions to certain things. Seriously you're doing this on my god damn birthday, trying to change me into liking you. Companies around the world rely on Rant & Rave to provide customer engagement solutions with a difference, by proactively communicating with and capturing actionable insights from their customers and employees. Spock, got me interested in science. youtube_url. Damien O'Keefe, who was employed for four years at a Good Guys Lynch, who teaches Latin at Johns Creek High School, posted to her 400 Facebook friends Dec. rant window Rant, como sustantivo rant, vent, chat self-satisfied rant silence my rant. A Twitter user with the handle @JenKatWrites found, screen-shotted, and shared a Facebook post from what might be the most irrationally pissed off Disney-loving mom of all time, who goes on a big ol’ ranty rant about how childless sluts and their pretzels are ruining Disney parks for the children. To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs. But who is in the Lying Woman Called Out For Facebook Rant About Her Destroyed Toyota - The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports that Oake and his 20 year old daughter were booted In the wake of two mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio State Rep. David Spondike, a music teacher at Akron's Firestone High School, was angry about an apparent trick-or-treat incident near his house and dropped multiple n-bombs in a Facebook rant aimed at a A federal district judge has ruled that an Oregon 8th grader's rant to a friend on Facebook that his health teacher was "just a bitch" and "she needs to be shot" was not a true threat of violence Facebook rant targeting Obama girls shows partisanship doesn't take a holiday. Peter Springare received an outpouring of support from fellow officers and common Swedes, as well as some accusations of racism. Everyone is encouraged to register and speak your mind on any topics. ” Frehley was evidently sparked by   Sep 10, 2018 Kenny Wolf talked about the Nike commercial, guns, and Obama in rant that some considered racist. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. THIS WEEK ON THE MERCER REPORT:. rant synonyms, rant pronunciation, rant translation, English dictionary definition of rant. It’s been a while since I allowed myself the pleasure of a good, long rant. Onslow County Rant Room, Jacksonville, North Carolina. It had about 46,000 views as of this morning. Admin Council will consult. But after reading this Facebook rant that’s gone viral I’m questioning why the fuck such a stupid creature exists in the first place. Dec 9, 2018 DOVER — One could make the case Janet Delfuoco's Facebook post on a Sunday afternoon in February 2017 threatened an attorney and two  Aug 10, 2016 Dan Rather, formerly of CBS Evening News, took to Facebook in a scathing rant after Donald Trump implied that people with guns could stop  Dec 11, 2013 But his rant seemed too perfectly stereotypical to be real—and it was. People were talking about the PUC vote, the State of the Union address and the lack of a state lottery in Nevada. David Danielewicz shared  Jan 4, 2016 Kilroy's Bar and Grill Downtown is getting national attention following its response to an angry customer review on Facebook. Of course, it could be faulty goods, RANT. 3 KCMP Minneapolis has cut ties with morning co-host Brian Oake following a since-deleted Facebook rant after he and his daughter were kicked out of a concert. com. Plus, Vince and Kenny talk about the controversy brewing around the heavyweight debut of Oleksandr Usyk. “#anthonybourdainisdead” began Kilmer, 58. Then she posted her rant about why she believes it's unacceptable to ask women or couples when they're planning to start a family. Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley has gone after Gene Simmons in a Facebook rant, calling him “an a**hole and a sex addict. Jets running back Le'Veon Bell has had enough of people criticizing his work ethic. A furious rant by a woman trying to shame a Trump supporter at a Palo Alto coffee shop was posted online and went viral this week, and now the woman at the center of the rant and post has lost her “It is a spiritual war!” the 25-year-old, who also claimed schooling is "torture and spiritually satanic", declared on his Facebook wall on Sunday, June 9. The page serves as Tech. Thus far, there is nothing “live” about it. Sep 6, 2018 A father in North Carolina is in the place that many parents have been when in a hurry to drop off the kids at school. In mid-May 2011, shortly before she went to work, she posted the following Facebook post: Instead of spending my birthday celebrating, I will be working all night cleaning up feces. The Rant loves you. On his Monday afternoon show, Jones issued a prolonged rant against special counsel Robert Mueller, accusing him of raping children and overseeing The latest Tweets from Tamara Rant (@TamaraRant). In the case of a California Chili's waitress, who's just been fired for posting an angry rant on her Facebook page, we're not even sure which lesson to start with, or who should be learning it. Joe Biden-Caricature by DonkeyHotey, licensed under CC BY-SA 2. A week ago, a man named Richard Neill posted a rant on Bodyform's Facebook  Jun 4, 2016 A Bank of America employee has been sacked after she said black people should 'go back to Africa' in a shocking rant on Facebook. At SXSW, I decided to talk about privacy because I thought that it would be the most important  Nov 6, 2014 If you guessed Facebook, you're right; that little text box at the top of your Angry Facebook rants also tend to be very polarized: Complex  Plateau mayor Luc Ferrandez backs down on profane Facebook rant. Continue reading I was about seven when I watched every moment on our black & white TV. She was back in the news again because called Lizzo 'dumpy,' and fans weren't having it at all. What has you fuming? Get it off your chest with The Rant on FOX5! Tune in weeknights at 10 to see if your rant made it to John If You Follow Me on Twitter Then You've Known For a While This Video Was Coming I Know It's a Bit off From the Norm BUT I Do That Here & There When I'm Pa rant Official channel of RANT, Scotland's chamber-folk quartet Nominated in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2014, RANT is the meeting of 4 of Scotland’s finest fiddle 28 August at 04:04 · Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Check this blog post as I update it. I loathe that effin heffer!!! Burn in hell you A man sacked for posting an expletive-laden rant against his senior work colleagues on Facebook has lost an unfair dismissal claim. The Dice Tower network co-founder walks back statements made on YouTube An American woman was dragged off a Korean Air flight bound for San Francisco after she refused to leave a business class seat and engaged in a rant about nuclear disarmament. No reporting posts or pictures to Facebook or admin. 5k Followers, 1 Following, 27 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from birdman (@birdman5star) Rant-a-Bit teaser; Bernie Hunhoff and the 2011 legislative session April 4th, 2011 | Rant-a-Bit Next Tuesday, April 12, Scott and I will trek to Yankton to interview Representative Hunhoff about the session. To speak or write in an angry or emotionally charged manner; rave. Russia Says Facebook, Google 2 days ago · Angry Ohio Man Demands His Confiscated Marijuana Be Returned In Expletive-Laced Rant To Police. A federal Liberal riding association chair is under fire for a vitriolic Facebook rant which calls for supporters of U. This does not guarantee an offending post or person will be deleted. I am a GoAnimator/ Vyonder who makes rants, salutes, and grounded videos. Helicopter mechanic Ryan Pate wrote the Facebook post while in Florida after Using the renowned and impressive Ti-Rant 9 pistol silencer as a building block, the cutting-edge minds at AAC created a truly modular unit that provides increased sound reduction and versatility for 9mm hosts. The post has garnered thousands of shares and. Guest Rant by Marianne Willburn Given the choice of dinner companions at an industry event, with fourteen topics on the table and the wine flowing The Randomness of Branches Scott Beuerlein - July 17, 2019 SAVANNAH, Ga. Heffron was then convicted by a local court last year and was sentenced to three weeks in jail and one-year probation. The company created a fictional CEO who apologized 'History is watching': Dan Rather rips Trump in epic Facebook rant "When he suggested that 'The Second Amendment People' can stop Hillary Clinton he crossed a line with dangerous potential And here is a loose translation of the full post from Facebook that has been shared over 17,000 times in a matter of days: Not surprisingly, Springare's rants ignited an immediate national firestorm with supporters applauding his courage for speaking up while others blasted his rant as racist and xenophobic. Definition of rant and rave in the Idioms Dictionary. archive. They included: the sunfish's Viewers applauded MSNBC on Sunday after the network shut down remarks from President Donald Trump. The Rant. Jennifer K. Case in point, this viral Facebook post that’s being shared all over the internet NYT Publishes Anti-Google Rant, Doesn't Mention Author Is Facebook Board Member (gizmodo. So, here is "The Science Rant Apollo-11 Tracker". digital properties. Batman artist's Facebook rant against cosplay "Just selfies in costume" says comic book artist Pat Broderick, who has banned promoters from inviting him to events involving the fancy dress craze Legislator from South Portland blasted for anti-Trump rant on Facebook. Traffic is backed up on I-35 near the 183 flyover heading south into downtown Austin on Monday, March 7, 2016. v. Everyone Is Talking About This Viral Bridezilla Rant, But No One Can Decide If It’s Real. It looks as  Jun 8, 2015 'Walking With Elephants' producer Ten Walls has had to say sorry for a bizarre homophobic rant posted to his personal Facebook page. Owner @ Rant Design Media, Editor/Writer @ Conscious Life News, Self-Mastery Alchemist, Licensed Reiki Master - Bridging the gap between Science & Spirituality. Oct 7, 2017 Vegan's life upended after Facebook rant about “carnists” killed in Vegas. On Facebook, Trump’s Longtime Butler Calls for Obama to Be Killed Mother Jones was founded as a nonprofit in 1976 because we knew corporations and the wealthy wouldn't fund the type of hard If Your Friend Writes a Political Rant on Facebook, Will It Change Your Mind? BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, September 4 2012 There's a joke quote circulating on Facebook that goes like this: "'Your relentless political Facebook posts finally turned me around to your way of thinking,' said nobody, ever. Friday, 12 July 2019 1:47PM James Livingston, a White professor, posted a rant full of f-bombs on Facebook Thursday about White children at a Harlem restaurant. More than nine months after losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, Conor McGregor decided to air out some grievances he had about the matchup. Doe is a convicted sex offender. www. Watch the Reaction Video Playlist -- https://goo. Send us your rants or raves! Every week night phone in, email, tweet or Facebook your Rant and you could hear your responses on the air. 1. The supermarket was the subject of a tremendous Facebook rant Trump suggests he should have extra time as president, in rant over ‘dishonest fool’ Comey’s leaks. Find Out Why Wedding planning can be stressful, which is probably why one bride who'd been pushed to her limit posted a long Facebook status answering a series of "ridiculous" questions about her upcoming nuptials. The Rant is a news site based in Sanford, North Carolina, covering news and features in our region. Posted Oct 14, 2018. “That’s how literally every other once-despised ethnic group broke A racist rant on Facebook by the wife of a Riverhead public official last night sparked outrage on social media and has members of the town’s anti-bias task force calling for his resignation. The National MP for Northland Policy — Vegan’s life upended after Facebook rant about “carnists” killed in Vegas “It’s almost like a lynch mob is forming,” she says about the fallout from her post. Bell took to Instagram on Sunday while at an airport, addressing his social media haters who complain he should On November 24, 2014, the night a grand jury announced that it would not indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting Mike Brown, Nugent posted an unhinged rant on Facebook in which he Superior Court Judge Thomas Shusted Jr. The Rant itself is a great story. Come join in on the fun at therantpage. Logo full color CJAD 800. 8, the sanitary napkins company has responded with a YouTube video. 55 likes. Exclusive: The audio clip was supposed to expose hate  Jul 26, 2019 A mom's Facebook rant about wanting to ban childless millennials from Disney World has gone viral after it was screenshotted and tweeted. Senate is better without him | Opinion. A Mississippi school teacher has been dismissed from her role after she was accused of posting a racist rant on Facebook. Discuss LSU Football, Basketball, Baseball and all LSU Sports on the Tiger Rant. / Yelp. gl/QUHWA6 Facebook. Jennifer Lynch, a Latin teacher in the Fulton County School District at Johns Creek High The guys are back to discuss the aftermath of Vasiliy Lomachenko vs. The Facebook rant comes to us from Bertel Schmitt of the Daily Kanban. Area 51, located in Nevada, is a highly classified United States Air Force facility that's become the face of conspiracy theories, alien kidnappings, and UFO folklore. What does rant and rave expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Some posts go ignored while other posts garner dozens, even hundreds of excited comments, and no, I’m Dr. In a Twitter rant Saturday, McGregor verbally Woman fired via Facebook after rant. At least I concluded that little tirade by saying that I didn't mean it, and that we all should follow the teachings of the Prince of Peace. " A FORMER nursery teacher has posted a scathing rant about why she quit her job after 12 years in the industry. A British woman is regretting adding her boss on Facebook, after shewas publicly fired on the social networking site for defaming heremployer. Scott Hamann to resign after the Democrat suggests in a vulgar post that he would hurt the One high school teacher is out of a job after posting a Facebook rant about a student with special needs. via Scout Burns’ Facebook: Rant & Rave was created with the belief that brands and consumers want the same thing — great customer experience. “Real quick reminder to all the college students coming back to Boston to Walmart Fires Employee Over Anti-Muslim Facebook Rant (The Associated Press) 29% Fear Social Media Will Get Them Fired: Survey (FindLaw's Law and Daily Life) 5 Reasons You May Want to Quit Facebook (FindLaw's Law and Daily Life) Papa John's Racist Voicemail Spurs CEO Apology (FindLaw's Free Enterprise) Tommy Lee shared an intense rant that shaded Republicans and Mike Pence, right after calling Donald Trump 'scary delusional. Sgt Geraldine Lovely of Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada was removed from her supervisory role and busted down in rank after posting a profane and racially charged video to Facebook. WASHINGTON (AP) — Minutes after media outlets identified the gunman who killed seven people in West Texas, a Twitter account that appears to have been computer-generated began spreading baseless The Rant, Sanford, NC. Share and discuss. Got a gripe, had poor service, been annoyed by something or someone? Have a moan here. September 6, 2019 at 11:12 am. Apr 27, 2016 Alexis Bloomer, a Texas anchor at Channel 7, "watched as a young man stepped in front of a limping elderly man and didn't hold the door open  Jun 22, 2019 A FORMER nursery teacher has posted a scathing rant about why "I've seen the Facebook rants about attendance and getting "'the letter'. Fazeli also attended the ‘March For Our Lives’ protest in Oakland demanding stricter gun control, according to a Facebook post. “Oh the darkness. To dance rant steps. Food This Is The Most Epic Brand Meltdown On Facebook Ever. GOP lawmaker blames mass shootings on Obama and ‘drag queen advocates’ in crazed Facebook rant ‘This is going to get worse’: Former neo-Nazi warns mass shootings are part of an uprising The latest Tweets from Rig Workers Rant (@rigworkersrant): "Given this opinion the idea an offshore worker should have more time off is unlikely to get much public support. CTV Montreal. 'F*** them, they're 20-year-old dopes': Fox News anchor caught in foul-mouthed Facebook Live rant about local newspaper after they revealed she had set up account on right-wing social media platform New York Times Publishes Anti-Google Rant, Doesn't Mention the Author Is a Facebook Board Member [Updated] Thiel was also an early investor in Facebook and currently sits on the company’s Post this rant on your Facebook instead. Jon Goldsmith was charged with  Jul 15, 2019 Tech Sgt. The president has joked about serving longer than the legal amount several times before If you spend a lot of time looking at travel posts and videos on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, then there’s a good chance you’ve come across someone with thousands of followers who The Dice Tower network co-founder walks back statements made on YouTube Donald Trump has lashed out at Fox News in a rant on Twitter, attacking the conservative news network for hiring a Democrat as a commentator, and urging his followers to find a "new News Outlet". I’ll have them again. to be above a good rant now and then to go on a rant - grammar antisemitic rant? - English Only forum botched wedding rant A pro-gun rally in Olympia, Wash. May 14, 2010 Facebook and “radical transparency” (a rant). By Dan Tracer March 23, In a lengthy Facebook post, Dela let every last one of her feelings on the matter be known, so strap in and grab Minnesota Public Radio’s AAA “The Current” 89. Over the weekend, Tech. Barstool Sports founder’s anti-union rant, Philly and VW ads banned in the UK, and Kohl’s partners with Facebook to reach millennials Authorities are investigating an anti-U. Dec 2, 2011 Since the rise of Facebook and Twitter, companies believed they had the right to fire employees who posted complaints or hostile or rude  Rant definition is - to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner. Sgt. The former reality star An Australian man who posted a foul-mouthed rant against the management of the firm he worked for using social networking site Facebook has lost an employment tribunal appeal after he was sacked. The Rant Page is a place for civil, if not at times, heated debate. The RANT. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. ” "Why is it that every time I encounter my subordinates [who] are black females they have a giant f**king attitude?" Lovely said during her two-minute rant. “Ugh. The footage, which was initially recorded through Facebook Live, was then shared by another person in a private Facebook group called the “Nellis Burn Book. Olsen, who co-hosts a Los Angeles-based radio show, upset one of her guests, openly gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting, by supporting President-elect Donald Trump on her "Two Chicks Talkin' Politics" radio program. my downstairs neighbor has a 2014 wrx, I told him about the forum before he bought it, when he said he was thinking about one. Cammie Rone, who taught at Batesville Intermediate School in Panola County Dr Rant and Dr Cardigan are fictional characters played by members of the Dr Rant team. reads a defendant's angry Facebook post in his Camden courtroom. " rant (third-person singular simple present rants, present participle ranting, simple past and past participle ranted) To speak or shout at length in uncontrollable anger. From Good Housekeeping. If the original model impressed you as much as it did us, you need to shoot the new Ti-Rant 9M! Sign in - Google Accounts A Bank of America employee has lost her job after posting a racist rant on Facebook, sparking a social media firestorm. Scroll past if a meme offends you. In the video, she said of Black women, “It pisses me the f–k off that they have no respect and constantly have A Swedish police investigator triggered a media tsunami with a Facebook post linking violent crimes with immigrants. The Rant is run by former journalists. " 100. Now comes a Facebook post from a noted San Francisco techie that is,  Feb 7, 2018 A Detroit man now faces prison time for a 2016 Facebook rant against police. In an expletive-laced Facebook post, Christine Mcmullen Lindgren unleashed a Farzad Fazeli is a far left lunatic who went on various rants against President Trump on Facebook. Their attitude has triggered the panic button amongst regulators and all sorts of regulators are starting to sniff around. Angry British bride's Facebook rant goes viral. 20 likes · 3 talking about this. Rant Nation with Graham Allen. After Heffron’s posts popped up in the news flow of their shared Facebook friends, the ex-girlfriend reported it to the local police. Rick celebrates the country and takes a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the past fifteen seasons on the one hour series finale. They’re standing firm and trying to justify why what they’re doing is good for everyone. An Iowa Man Wins His Free Speech Suit After Being Charged for a Facebook Rant Against a Cop Jon Goldsmith was charged with third-degree harassment after calling Deputy Cory Dorsey a Screen Rant, Los Angeles, California. The incident began when this young BenDeLaCreme unleashes epic Facebook rant. Calling out the B. 0/Original. Call The Rant at (405) 494-6862. The Rant August 20 at 8:42 AM · 211 directs callers to help with housing needs, as well as issues with utilities, counseling, heath care, senior care, social services, and more. Once a radio show, now a monthly printed publication/website rooted in the "attitude era" of Sanford news. What did he say? Livingston, irritated by the very presence of white children at a local Harlem restaurant that he apparently frequents, penned a rant on Facebook that was cap With his latest accusations of pedophilia, Alex Jones and Infowars continue to test the limits of Facebook's rules. Apr 3, 2019 A furious rant by a woman trying to shame a Trump supporter at a Palo Alto coffee shop was posted online and went viral this week, and now  Jul 29, 2019 According to USA Today, Twitter user @JenKatWrites posted a Facebook post from a mom (with her name redacted) who was apparently livid  Jul 24, 2019 A disturbing anti-police rant calling for “cop killers” to “stand up” was posted to the shared Facebook page of a city corrections captain and her  Rant Alert! Are you partial to a Facebook rant? Did you know that it can damage your business? Here are 5 ways to diffuse a rant and still get your message  Jul 9, 2019 An Iowa Man Wins His Free Speech Suit After Being Charged for a Facebook Rant Against a Cop. rant posted on Facebook just minutes before the Ohio State University attack today that is believed to be linked to suspect Abdul Razak Ali Artan Fuck Facebook I'm sure I'm probably going to make myself sound like a complete wanker and even trip over my own thoughts a little but fuck it, I fucking hate Facebook right now. Welcome to the Rant Board The Rant, Open Forum to rant, no rules. Saying that Facebook ruins dates and makes it more difficult to relate to one another, not easier, is right within the constraints of a good rant. Need to get something off your chest ? Don't want to do it on your own wall ? Do it here instead ! This is the place to rant away The Rant Page. This makes me very sad. Editor’s Note: We are re Facebook has its negatives, but does offer insights. Christine  Feb 12, 2019 (WAOW) — Altoona Police Department took to Facebook Tuesday to rant about winter drivers. when no one else will. 14K likes. webpage capture. “It's almost like a lynch mob is forming,” she says about the fallout  Apr 28, 2016 Campaign season. Aaron Carter spoke out Monday evening following a Twitter rant he posted Sunday about his older brother Nick Carter. One woman believes the answer is a very firm NO, as her viral Facebook post explains US-based freelance writer, Emily Bingham, posted a 'random ultrasound photo' to grab people's attention. Free Speech. A technical sergeant at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada has been removed from her supervisory role and is now under investigation after posting a profane and racially charged video to Facebook. Stacey Ritzen. Share; Since the apology was posted on Lauten's Facebook page, it has been either deleted or made private. Mar 8, 2019 Censored: How Facebook Stopped A Whistleblower Exposing A Racist, Anti-Gay Rant. LSU Football is back and the Tiger Rant has all the info you need. A prominent metro Detroit attorney is facing new claims of professional misconduct for allegedly mouthing off to a young female prosecutor and then, in a Facebook rant, misrepresenting what happened. Saying that Facebook is probably responsible for Ebola? That's a Detroit radio host's Facebook rant may cost him. Rant definition is - to talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner. The two owners of Amy's Baking Company Bakery Boutique & Bistro took over the restaurant's Facebook page last night to fight unruly Woman fired over Facebook rant; suit follows "This is the first complaint we've issued over comments on Facebook, but I have no doubt that we'll be seeing more," Solomon said. Laura Schlessinger has apologized after launching into a racially charged rant, during which Schlessinger, in her own words, "articulated the 'n' word all the way out -- more than one time. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Tim Wise Facebook Rant "Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions can you keep it all afloat. the rant facebook

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